Guide to the Pyrenees of Catalonia

Created by followers of @visitpirineus


Extraordinary sunsets, superb gastronomy, a little-known path or an exquisite architectural gem: these are just some of the unsuspected finds which make a trip particularly memorable. Only those who know the region well, the true experts, can reveal these to us.

This is why the Catalan Tourist Board and Kilian Jornet joined forces to look for the Catalonia Pyrenees Explorer, who won a trip to discover the Pyrenees of Catalonia. To define their route, it was asked for recommendations to the followers of Visit Pirineus.

Some of this locations were visited by the Catalonia Pyrenees Explorer and Kilian Jornet and they all have been included in this guide, the truly original, that contains the recommendations of people who really know the Pyrenees of Catalonia,

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